Iyengar Yoga & Sports - Special Sessions for Fitness Enthusiasts

Join us for a transformative series of yoga workshops tailored for sports enthusiasts and anyone seeking to enhance their fitness. these sessions will guide you through the synergy of Iyengar Yoga and athletic performance.

Jan 1 (6-9 pm): Yoga for Athletic Performance and Recovery

 Enhance athletic abilities, learn injury prevention, and discover recovery techniques.

Jan 2 (6-9 pm): Yoga for Runners

Improve endurance, flexibility, and breath control for runners.

Jan 3 (6-9 pm):Yoga for Cyclists

Focus on balance, lower body strength, and spinal alignment for cyclists.

Jan 4 (6-9 pm):Yoga for Gym Practitioners

Complement gym workouts with yoga for flexibility and recovery.

Jan 5 (6-9 pm):Yoga for Hikers

Enhance hiking experience with yoga for strength, balance, and mindfulness.

Jan 6 (3-6 pm):Yoga for Badminton/Tennis Players

Improve agility, strength, and mental focus for racquet sports.

Jan 7 (10 am-1 pm): Yoga for Golf Players

Enhance golf swing, core strength, and mental focus.

Jan 7 (3-6 pm): Special Integrative Yoga Session

Holistic experience combining elements from all workshops.

Jan 8 (6-9 pm): Yoga and Sports (General Topic)

Explore the benefits of yoga for overall sports performance and well-being

Jan 9 (6-9 pm): Restorative Yoga

Learn practices for post-sport recovery and rejuvenation.