Virtual Classes

Yoga and Sports

Blended the benefits of yoga with sports-specific movements to enhance flexibility, strength, and overall athletic performance. you’ll optimise your athletic performance, reduce the risk of injuries, and improve your cardiovascular health. Embrace the fusion of yoga and sports, and unlock full potential on and off the field.

Align and Flow

Surya Namaskar

Embark on a journey through various sequences of sun salutation postures, embracing a flowing practice that maintains precise alignment throughout

Relax,Restore & Refresh

Engage in a series of yoga postures, utilising props for enhanced tranquility and deep relaxation. This practice promotes physical and mental equilibrium, while alleviating stress and anxiety, ultimately replenishing energy levels and allowing you to feel refreshed

Basics of Pranayama

Prana, the subtle life-force energy that permeates our bodies, forms the very essence of our being. Gain insight and cultivate awareness of this vital pranic flow through a variety of postures and pranayama techniques. Discover the deeper dimensions of yoga beyond asana practice

Mindful to mindless

Guided Meditation

Explore Life Beyond the Mind. The essence of yoga practice lies in attaining a tranquil mind. Delve into the various facets of the mind, comprehend its functions through yogic practices, and embrace the stillness that arises simply through observation. Witness the transformation from a restless mind to an absorbed mind through this guided meditation experience