Yogic Lifestyle Program

An in depth study consists of a series of intensive programs



    An in depth study consists of a series of intensive programs

    to go further & deeper from your current yoga practice

    and a guide to adopting yogic techniques in our daily life.

    It is a journey of undertaking and exploration which combines a firm spiritual, philosophical and practical aspects of yogic lifestyle and encourages students to take the subject of yoga in to their daily life.

    Duration of Program

    This program consists of 10 Modules whereby each module will be covered in 20 hours over a period of 3 days.

    Each intensive module is a complete course by itself but at the same time compliments each other as a whole study. Though it is recommended to complete 10 modules in order to attain the complete understanding, each intensive module can be studied separately as well.

    Am I Eligible?

    iyengar yoga practice.

    What else need to be done?

    Participants need to attend weekly classes in between the intensives.

    Students will be assigned preparatory material and homework appropriate to the Intensives.

    Students are strongly encouraged to develop a mentorship relationship with the teachers.

    Is it Teacher training?

    Whilst going deeper into the subject doesn’t have to involve certification.

    Though, this program may count as hours towards meeting the requirement to assess at the Introductory level II in future, but does not, by itself, qualify you to assess. So, these intensives are for serious yoga practitioners and aspiring yoga teachers.


    Sri Nandakumar

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    MODULE 1

    • Align, Aware & Awake
    • Various postures (Asanas) of yoga to Align the body
    • Awareness of breath
    • Anatomy of Spine
    • Postures in daily life and its connection with Yogasanas

    MODULE 2

    • Outer Space to Inner Space
    • Stiffness of body and postures(Asanas) to create space
    • Space through Breath movement
    • Anatomv of Hio ioint
    • Space in the body for space in daily life

    MODULE 3

    • Strengthen the BODY or MIND?
    • Building strength through Asanas
    • Strengthening through Flow
    • Anatomy of Joints
    • Stamina, Strength & will power in LIFE

    MODULE 4

    • Upside Down to Outside In
    • Inversion and its effects on body, breath & Mind
    • Breathing exercise Vs Pranayama
    • Anatomy of Neck & Shoulders
    • Patterns of thought and conditioning of MIND

    MODULE 5

    • Bending Backward to Move Forward
    • Active and Passive Backbends
    • Art of Exhalation in pranayama
    • Anatomy of Quadriceps, anterior spine & spinal muscles
    • Habits of life and transformation thru yoga

    MODULE 6

    • Still, Aware & Surrender Forward bends & Going inward
    • Art of Inhalation in pranayama
    • Anatomy of Hamstrings, posterior & abdominal muscles
    • Complexity of Mind & Simplicity of Life

    MODULE 7

    • Twists of Body and Tales of Life
    • Twisting the body to straighten the MIND
    • Regulation of breath thru pranayama
    • Respiratory system
    • Desire, Greed & Contentment – Yogic vision

    MODULE 8

    • Trace back to Source
    • Exploring source of our energy
    • Yogic breathing
    • Digestive system & Pelvic floor muscles
    • Eating habits & yoga practice

    MODULE 9

    • Prana & Daily Life
    • Restore and Rebalance
    • Balance the energy through pranavama
    • Nervous system
    • Work Life, Social Life & family life

    MODULE 10

    • Myself & My Soul
    • Asana to Dhyana & Dhyana thru Asana
    • Yoga Nidra
    • Nadi, bandha & Mudra introduction
    • Daily life and Spiritual life.