Yoga asanas are one of the few physical exercises you can continue doing as you age.Gentle Yoga is a class designed for those aged 60 and above. It aims to increase the mobility and strength of muscles and joints. It also helps to reverse the aging process or even premature aging. Props and aids will be used to make the poses more accessible for all body types.

โ€œThe body ages but the soul does not. When one is aged the mind fuels a negative attitude towards life. By the power of will over mind, old age can be lived benevolently through yogic practices.โ€ – Guruji B.K.S. Iyengar

Available Options

  • Studio Classeswhere you have to come to the yogashala
  • Online Classesyou can join throgh zoom
  • Hybrid Classesyou can join the classes at your convenient