23 Jul 2024

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Iyengar Yoga Festival - 2024

Event Highlights

Continuous Yoga Classes

Starting at 6 am on June 21, offering a wide range of classes suitable for all ages and needs, including specialized sessions for kids, families, senior citizens, pregnancy, office workers, and more.

Workshops and Discussions

Topics include "Obstacles of Practice and Life's Challenges: Yoga & Ayurveda Solutions," "Yoga Philosophy & Daily Life," and "Book Reading & Discussion.

Inclusive Sessions:

Classes will be offered in multiple languages (Mandarin, Hindi, Tamil, Bahasa Indonesia) and include specialized sessions like "Yoga During Menstruation," "Yoga for Pregnancy," and "Family Yoga."

Expert Instructors

Experienced Iyengar yoga instructors will lead the sessions to ensure a safe and enriching experience.

Additional Activities

Additional Activities: Includes yogic food preparation (e.g., yoghurt and kefir making), yoga props explanations, and stalls with organic goods, dosha readings, homemade food and snacks, henna drawing, and yoga games.

Special Challenges and Prizes

1 Week Online Challenge:

Open to non-members starting June 9, 2024. Participants follow social media posts, video their practice, and post using specific hashtags for a chance to win prizes like free workshops, unlimited classes, private classes, and yoga mats.

Lucky Draw:

Attendees can win prizes like up to three months of free classes and various merchandise (t-shirts, bags, caps, towels).