30 May 2024

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Exploring Life through The Vision of Yoga


What i will learn through this program?

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Yoga has been seen as a tool to get relaxation or as a tool to heal Ailments. But traditionally yoga was handed over generation after generation as a way of living. Because yoga is not for cure the pain but to avoid the pain which is yet to come. By this way our great yogis has given a strong message to the world to adopt yoga lifestyle to lead a happy and peaceful life. 

This intensive program has been designed with the aim of exploring that lifestyle. Though you can aspire to become a teacher through this program (need to be graduated through assessment), but the aim of this program is not to prepare just to gain a certificate. Because, without practicing and experiencing, sharing this knowledge will not bring desired results. 


BRINGING EXPERIENCE OF ONE’S OWN SELF - Is the objective of this program.


Darshanam can be loosely translated as “auspicious viewing or auspicious sight”. How yogis viewed the “truth of life” is “yoga darshanam”. So viewing the “Truth of Life” through the eyes of yoga is the aim of this “YOGA DARSHANAM” program. 

This unique PROGRAM is designed to meet the needs of yoga students who wish to deepen their experience and understanding of yoga as well as for those who envision teaching and for those who already teach yoga, in the tradition of IYENGAR YOGA. This 3 years program is created with direct input and continuous guidance from IYENGAR FAMILY and Masters from various traditions. 

The program offers studies with world’s best teachers, along with a complete curriculum encompassing over 500 hours of training. The information provided below is a broad outline of the program and the commitment required in terms of time, energy and cost.

Although this program prepares you to appear for assessments of LEVEL 1 certificates, which has international recognition), it is, more importantly, a journey of personal growth that furthers your own practice on a physical, mental and spiritual level. After gaining a firm theoretical and practical foundation, you will then integrate this understanding into the art of teaching yoga.

In Guruji Iyengar’s words, “Teaching yoga is a very difficult subject, but it is one of the best services you can do for human beings. Work, not as a teacher, but as a learner in the art of teaching”