Her Story

Sovia Wu was told by her doctor since young that she was not fit to carry any physical exercise due to her health conditions. She falls sick easily and must visit the doctor’s clinic almost every month. She began her yoga practice in 2002 when her aunt took her to yoga classes. She found out that her immune system was getting stronger, and she didn’t fall sick easily like before.  She started running, swimming, mountain trekking, and cycling when she feels that she can take up these types of exercises. She participated in numerous cycling competitions, and she got her medal twice in a 1,000 km cycling competition within 75 hours. She believed that yoga improved her health and strengthened her immune system.

She was introduced to Sri Nandakumar by her Iyengar Yoga Teacher Emily Ang.  She has completed her Iyengar Yoga Teacher Training under Nandaji and has been teaching for the past 5 years and she is passionate about helping her students find balance in their practice.



Sovia Wu从小就被医生告知,她的健康状况不适合进行任何体育锻炼。 她很容易生病,几乎每个月都要去看医生。 2002 年,她的阿姨带她去上瑜伽课,她开始练习瑜伽。 她发现自己的免疫力变强了,不像以前那样容易生病了。 当她觉得自己可以从事这些类型的运动时,她开始跑步、游泳、登山和骑自行车。 她参加过无数的自行车比赛,在75小时的1000公里自行车比赛中,她两次获得奖牌。 她相信瑜伽可以改善她的健康并增强她的免疫系统。

她的艾扬格瑜伽老师 Emily Ang 将她介绍给了 Sri Nandakumar。 她已经在 Nandaji 的指导下完成了艾扬格瑜伽教师培训,并在过去的 5 年里一直在教学,她热衷于帮助她的学生在练习中找到平衡。