Continuous Practice Program


This program has been designed to guide existing Iyengar Yoga Teachers and long-time Iyengar Yoga practitioners to practice further levels of asanas, pranayama as well as other aspects of overall yoga practice.  Reviewing existing practice and learning more techniques to progress into further levels of practice is the main aim of this program.

Also, will focus,
⁃       refining teaching skills
⁃       basic modification of asanas for common injuries
⁃       self-practice sequencing 
⁃       selective yoga sutras


150 hours

Asana: 70 hours; Teaching techniques: 30 hours; Pranayama: 20 hours; Meditation;  6 hours; Yoga sutra: 24 hours.

Who can join?

Existing certified Iyengar Yoga Teachers, Iyengar Yoga teacher trainees (completed) and long term Iyengar Yoga practitioners